Our FIRST Initial Exchange Offering with ProBit Exchange is coming on August 12th, 2019. But this is only the beginning, sign up to stay connected for any announcements and updates!

Big News!


We are proud to officially announce our IEO and our  strategic partnership with ProBit Digital Asset Exchange! It is an amazing opportunity to be working with a company that inhabits the same vision and core values as us. 

Probit is making strides in the Korean crypto community. As one of the fastest growing exchanges in Asia, Probit is perfectly positioned to help AXEL evolve our network to another level. 

Find out more about on the Probit website!

Partnering for the Future







Here at AXEL, we live and breathe to empower our users and customers to have greater control over their content and data. We are ALWAYS on the search for opportunities to grow and separate us from the rest. That is the reason why we are conducting an IEO.

As opposed to many other projects, we are starting our process with a plethora of products, veteran experience, and a reputable team. Some of these accomplishments include our AXEL Tack App, AXEL IPFS Pinning Facility, Let Me See App, and our AXEL.Wallet.

We believe that real products that solve real problems achieve real adoption.

1,000,000 USD

100,000 USD

1 AXEL = 0.2 USD

10% - USDT, BTC,

15% - PROB



Why an IEO?

We've worked with Probit to create exciting incentives while establishing a foundation for long term success. AXEL and Probit bring together the best technology, the best community, and the best vision to create a powerful cocktail to propel this IEO.

Why this IEO?

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Be Part of the Future

  • Innovative new tech
  • Established project with over 1 million users
  • Team with a long track record of business success and technical innovation
  • Project focused on mass adoption 
  • Exciting range of products ready to use

Like what the car was to the horse so will distributed networks be to centralized ecosystems – a clear dividing line between an archaic outdated system and a fresh new development that will forever change all digital commerce, applications, and data management. 

This is an opportunity to take part in the future.  To build something with lasting impact on the world of data. To be part of a community that is hungry for success. To see real value emerge from the network.  

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The Future of the Digital Economy is Distributed

It's Time to Take Part!