This is the Masternode project to be part of

The largest decentralized and distributed network powered by Masternodes. A project driven by innovation and built for adoption.  

The AXEL.Network isn’t coming, it’s here. It’s live. A fully operational Masternode network bringing the future of the distributed web.

We’ve built our Content Distribution Network (CDN) from the ground up using distributed technologies to foster a movement from centralized systems to a decentralized world. It’s a network that will change how the internet handles data.

The future of the internet is here!

Our groundbreaking approach to how data is managed is powered by Masternodes and built with the same commitment to product innovation that has led to millions of people adopting our technology.

We create our technology for products with a purpose. To build every day value for consumers and businesses.

And the AXEL.Network is no different. It’s a Masternode project like no other. And we’re looking for a community to take part.

AXEL.Network: A Masternode project like no other

Introducing SOAP:

The right way to do data.

SOAP: Securing, Organizing, Authenticating, and Protecting data the AXEL way

AXEL’s proprietary SOAP process immutably links all commits to the network to transaction hashes associated with the costs of the commits, using the AXEL.Network Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Masternode Blockchain.

At the core of this process is the AXEL Token which will power the Masternode engine of the AXEL.Network. As a critical component of the SOAP process, the AXEL Token will bridge the SOAP process to the movement of data across the network.


Data written to the network is immutably linked to the transaction hash associated with the write. The transaction hash can now be used to retrieve data associated with the write stored on IPFS, DDB, blockchain, or any other distributed technology.

Users can authenticate access to decentralized and distributed data for public or private purposes, and assign encryption protocols to limit access. Users can provide secured and monitored access of any stored data to third parties. Access can be revoked at any time as well.



Distributed user data can now be organized via the transaction hash associated with all commits and transactions performed on the network. Users can distribute data through the AXEL.Exchange and list public data for search on the AXEL-IPFS Search Engine.

Data stored on the AXEL.Network can be protected utilizing multiple methods of encryption to ensure data remains in control of the user. Users can utilize these tools within and outside of the AXEL.Network to ensure data custody on decentralized and distributed platforms.



Products ready to be used by everyone!

Our range of incredible distributed products include: 

  • IPFS Pinning and Global Gateway
  • IPFS Global Search 
  • AXEL Desktop Wallet 
  • One-of-a-kind AXEL Web Wallet 
  • AXEL Core Desktop and Mobile Apps (IPFS Integration coming soon!) 
  • LetMeSee Photo Sharing App (IPFS Integration coming soon!) 

Please let us know of your interest!

Be Part of the Future

  • Innovative new tech
  • An established project with over 1 million users
  • A team with a long track record of business success and technical innovation
  • A project focused on mass adoption 
  • An exciting range of products ready to use


Well, you get the point.

Don't miss out!

The future of the digital economy is distributed. 

Like what the car was to the horse so will distributed networks be to centralized ecosystems – a clear dividing line between an archaic outdated system and a fresh new development that will forever change all digital commerce, applications, and data management. 

This is an opportunity to take part in the future.  To build something with lasting impact on the world of data. To be part of a community that is hungry for success. To see real value emerge from the network.  

It's time to take part!

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